Preparing for Revival Instruction Manual

Revival is coming! Awakening is coming! Thousands upon thousands will flood the churches suddenly but are we ready? Are you ready for all the changes that will occur? Have you done the things you need to do personally and in your home to make yourself ready? Are you ready for reformation? Are you ready for the face of the church to change? Are our churches ready? Do we have the right infrastructure in place?

We have prayed for revival but now is the time to not only pray but also to Expect and to Prepare. We need to prepare for the Lord to both revive His people and to awaken those who are dead in sin so that they may receive the gift of salvation. It is time for us to prepare to receive, accept and love the lost, hurt, neglected, abused, and rejected.

It is time to prepare corporately to be able to accommodate the masses of new converts that will enter the churches suddenly. This manual was written in hopes that we will heed God's warning and that we will do everything we can to be prepared for the greatest revival and awakening that we now eagerly anticipate and await to come.

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Fire Starters "Unleashing the Fire Within You"


There are times in life where Christians may experience dullness or lack of vigor when it comes to fully worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth. I call these moments "lulls". Sometimes we feel that God has forgotten about us or is mad at us. Sometimes we feel like we're not worthy to be part of God's family. Sometimes we may not feel like going to church or bible study. Sometimes we may not feel like praising or worshipping God. Sometimes we may not feel like praying. Sometimes we don't feel like serving God or people. Sometimes we have these "lulls" where we are lethargic, dull, uninspired, weak, weary or tired and we end up living a life reflective of how we feel and not the life that God intends for us to have.

During these "lulls" we need an energy drink; an energy boost. We need a kick or a lift-me-up to get us back to where we were or to even go higher. The energy drink we need is not of this world; we need to drink the water from the well of living water. We need to fan the flame by stirring up the gifts that already dwell inside of us. One way to get that energy boost is by saying what we call "Fire Starters". Fire Starters help to reignite you so that you may have passion and zeal for the Lord and the motivation to do the things that are pleasing in His sight. Fire Starters help to fan the flame so if your light is only burning dimly then the Fire Starters will help your light to burn bigger and brighter so you arise to your position as a child of the Most High God.

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